East Side: Hana from Nahiku to Kaupo

When you think if Hawaii, perhaps images from Jurassic park come to mind and that could easily describe the Hana side of Maui. Viewing cascading waterfalls and pools hidden in tropical bamboo rainforests, roadside pineapple and banana bread stands, 600 white-knuckle & hairpin turns, passing over 50 bridges, you feel like you are clinging to the sides of plunging sea cliffs is what you will experience on your drive to Hana. After you’ve navigated this adventure you’ll enter Hana, which is a charming small town where time seems to have stopped in the 1950’s and you can sense that aloha is a way of life. Just beyond Hana is the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park and the stunning Pools of Ohe’o (also called the Seven Sacred Pools), where a refreshing swim is the perfect reward after a long drive. This area of Maui has a very sparse local Hawaiian population that is very proud and protective of their way of life. Residences here can be simple jungle bungalows, local farms and cattle ranch homesteads to sprawling luxury estates. Peace and quiet is what you can expect in this tropical oasis.
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